Sunday, December 22, 2013

Celtic Solstice Part 3, and Ice Storms

Saturday night I finished Part 3 with the 25 pinwheels and the 100 single units. The pinwheels are shown under.

It was kind of late when I finished, and I didn't take a picture of the single units. This step was a fun one to do, because I love making pinwheels!

What about Ice Storms? Yes, my family and I are having Christmas vacation in the Southwestern US, and here ice storms occur from time to time during the winter. Friday afternoon we had a place to go, and when we were returning home and had 100 miles to drive, it started raining, with freezing temperatures. This is a weather phenomenon I have never experienced before.

We were driving home, with DH as the safe driver. The conditions were kind of treacherous with the frozen rain glazing the car, and not to mention the windshield wipers! The fortunate thing, though, was that the rain didn't freeze on the ground. The reason for that was probably that we had had very high temperatures for the season the day before, and the ground wasn't cold enough to freeze, yet. Anyway, DH drove slowly, as most of the other cars did.

We managed to get home safely without any accidents, and in the garage afterwards we could see the amount of ice that had accumulated on the car. DS1 took a lot of pictures, both of the car and the surrounding trees the day after. I will show some of them in a later post.

Here is the tree outside our door, completely glazed! It is still like this, today, since the temperature has not increased. Last night DH and I took a walk in the neighborhood and heard a lot of cracking noises and saw limbs breaking and falling off the trees. We kept our distance and didn't walk under any of them, just to be safe.

Let's hope there will not be any wind before the temperatures start rising and the ice melts off, because we don't want more damage to be done to the trees than what has already happened. Anyway, the icicles and glaze have created fantastic Christmas decorations to the surrounding area!

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  1. Gratulerer med del 3. Disse ser supre ut! God jul til deg!

  2. Herlig å være i rute, flotte pinwheels, Anita!

  3. Love the colors, they look warmer than the typical orange and yellows I am seeing.

  4. I've never experienced an ice-storm either. It sounds scary! It is fascinating to see the ice-covered tree, too.

    Your pinwheels look great! They are fun to make, aren't they?

  5. Agree with lifetakesaturn - the pinwheels look good enough to eat!


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