Friday, November 1, 2013

National Knitting Night

The Norwegian broadcaster, NRK, is kicking off National Knitting Night tonight, Friday. You can read more about it HERE. Several hours of knitting, and all there is connected to it. I will be watching/listening to the TV all night, while quilting (!)

I used to knit a lot, before, but now quilting has taken over my spare time. I had to do a little knitting now for the special event, because my local TV station is collecting knitted patches of 15 x 15 cm (approx. 6" square) to make into a giant blanket. The blanket will later be sold on an auction to benefit charity.

I only made one patch, but it is double sided. Here it is:

 The first side.
The second.

And here you can see that it is indeed double-sided. The patch will be put in an envelope tomorrow on its way to an exciting patchwork-blanket. The TV station will publish pictures of the patches and the finished blanket on the web. I will post a link later.

Happy knitting to all of you!

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