Friday, May 24, 2013

UFO busting!

Last October I attended a class with Mrs. Moen , it was a so called mixed media quilting class. It was a speedy weekend with no rotary cutter or rulers, just a lot of fun and inspiration. I produced quite a lot of UFOs, and they have been stashed away until I was forced to do something about them.

Here are the two small wall hangings I finished a couple of days ago: Paper Flowers and Traffic Light.

The one to the left consists of a thin curtain-like fabric, a layer of different colored thin paper torn in pieces, thin batting and backing fabric. It was quilted with multi-colored parallel lines, and finished with a scrappy green binding.

The traffic light is made of thin paper cut with a dull scissor, organza and tulle on a white background. Different types of yarn are attached as decorations. Also this one is quilted with parallel multi-colored lines, and it got a scrappy purple binding.

Detailed picture of Paper Flowers:

Traffic Light:

This was a very fun class to attend. All of the participants were speed-sewing, and we challenged our way of thinking and sewing. It was very relieving to just "throw away" the concept of straight lines and thorough measurement, and just use the inspiration and live in the moment.

I have a few more of these projects to complete, and they will also be displayed on my blog.

Until then: Stay inspired!

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