Monday, April 22, 2013

First attempt of clamshells

Attending the class with Sue Daley last weekend I learned how to make clamshells. This is mu first completed corner of the table runner 'Remember When'. I am pleased with the way they turned out, even though they probably could have been better. But, this is my first attempt, and I am happy. I have a little more difficulty with the apple cores, and I am not ready to show my poor attempt of the center of this table runner. I might be re-done, time will show. For the time being I will concentrate on the clamshells.


  1. This looks good, very pretty corner. The apple cores are a little tricky. I have been trying them out, but no luck yet. I guess one has to practice.

  2. Thank you for your comment! Sue Daley is a very good teacher.
    The class was very busy, and I guess if I take time and do it in my own speed, the apple cores will turn out better. I am not giving up!

  3. Kjempefine stoffer du har valgt. Du får nok teken på epleskrottene etterhvert :)


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