Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easy Street Part 8

Yesterday I completed all the 16 A-blocks, and now there is only 9 B-blocks left to make before the assembling starts.

I had to struggle with the wind outside trying to get daylight pictures, so I just got to get a few blocks laid out before they were blown away.

The whole stack of A-blocks on my porch. Small glass beads helped me weigh them down.

Actually, the colors of the blocks turned out better indoors on the floor.

Finally, here is a glimpse of how the quilt will look when it is done. The only thing missing is the 9 B-blocks, and the assembling, of course. Starting to look good!

You can see how the others are progressing here.


  1. Wow! Blokkene dine ble nydelige! Gleder meg til å få se teppet ditt ferdig :-) Takk for hyggelig kommentar på bloggen min :-)
    Ha en fin søndag!

  2. The blocks are coming together nicely Like your colors.

  3. Your Easy Street is looking good. Lots of sewing at the end, but totally worth it. It's been fun working on this with quilters from all over the world.


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