Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter in the Southwestern US

On Christmas Morning we woke up to rain. The weather forecast had warned us of a blizzard, so we did not plan to go anywhere. During the day the temperature dropped and the rain created a glazed surface everywhere. Later, it started snowing, but not in the amount we were warned about. Anyway, a little snow in this area paralyzes the traffic, and there were reports of multiple car crashes and pile-ups on the highways. This picture shows the amount of snow that came down, and it is not much compared to what I am used to in Norway during the winter.

DH and I tried to take a walk in the neighborhood last night, but that was a treacherous experience. It was very slippery, and it is only thanks to the good winter boots I brought with me from home that I was able to stay on my feet. I think this day is also going to be an indoor day, it is freezing cold out there. This will be a good day for sewing!

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