Saturday, December 15, 2012

My biggest quilt completed!

I finished sewing the binding on the quilt for DS1 last night. Today I took it out in the poor winter daylight for a photo shoot in the forest.

The quilt is twin-size, 70" x 90", and is the biggest one I have made so far. Hopefully it will keep DS1 warm for a long time.

The design is inspired by Radio Way by Jaybird Quilts. I chose to make a scrappy version of it, most of the fabrics are strips of recycled shirts. I used grey yardage for the contrasting color. The backing is made from a duvet cover, and the binding is a solid darker grey.

The quilting is simple, I used the walking foot and quilted straight lines parallel to the stripes, approximately 2" apart.

I often use the forest close to my home for photo shoots. Today was a very windy and cold day. The wind was desperately trying to ruin my photo session, but I managed to get a few OK pictures.

Thankfully, the snow was very dry and fine-grained, so it was very easy to shake it off the quilt when I got home.

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