Monday, December 3, 2012

I have started Easy Street

Yesterday I finally decided to start on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt this year; Easy Street. This far I have made 70 4-patches and 8 flying geese. I do this in-between assembling a twin-sized quilt for my son. It will be a little back-and-forth between these projects.

For Easy Street I am using a grey "Christmas fabric" I bought last year on sale, it does not have very much design in it. I also got a some black and white Dr. Seuss fabric on sale. I still have a lot of 4-patches and geese to make.

This is a fun project to have joined, and it is my first Mystery. I look forward to the coming steps! Now I have to work on my other quilt project.


  1. Gøy at vi blir fler norske som er med på dette. Gleder meg til fortsettelsen.

  2. Anita, your fabrics look modern and fun. I've just started Easy Street as well, so we will be playing catch up. You are ahead of me in that you've done the linky and posted your progress. Soon I will too. This is fun to see all the different colors from around the world. Glad you decided to join too.

  3. You will like Bonnie's mysteries. I had never done a mystery before I started doing hers, and I've liked both of the ones I've done so far. Your fabrics are great!

  4. Lookin''s my first time too at one of Bonnies mystery quilts and I'm having a blast.

  5. Geese are looking great. Nice to see people from all over the world doing the mystery.


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