Saturday, July 7, 2012


July 4th started out as an ordinary day, even the thrash cans were emptied in the neighborhood. Where we were there was not much going until afternoon, this is due to the heat during the middle of the day.

Late afternoon the neighborhood party started. Everybody was asked to bring some kind of dish. I made blueberry-strawberry muffins. They both looked and tasted great.

Appetizers, fried chicken and beans, coleslaw, and plenty other good dishes were served. Lemonade and iced tea were good companions with the food. We sat by the pool in a nice (warm) breeze and ate our meal. The temperature was around 35 degrees centigrade, but the breeze helped keeping us fairly comfortable.

The dessert table was amazing, we could choose between lots of different desserts. I had a wonderful peach cobbler.

When it became dark, around 21:30, we went over to a huge parking lot where families were camping by their cars waiting for the fireworks. The show was being put on in a park nearby.

Exactly 21:45 the fireworks started, and it was a fantastic show.

15 minutes later the show was over, and all the cars started heading home in a long, long line...

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