Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summer Dream

A gorgeous spring day is perfect for a walk in the forest. Of course, my new quilt went along. While walking I saw the results of the big storm we had last Christmas. My path was blocked with this tree that had been blown down. What does a quilter do when the road is blocked? Turn around? Oh, no, not at all. This is just the perfect place to hang my quilt! With perfect lighting, the picture has a lot more life than hanging on my fence.

More uprooted trees shows the enormous force the storm had. This is nature, storms appear now and then, and there is nothing we can do about it. A quilt brightens up the scenery, though.

The bright colors of the quilt reminds me of green grass in the summer, and the clear blue ocean. Abstract blue flowers in one of the fabrics added to the conclusion of the perfect name for the quilt: 'Summer Dream'. I guess the trees also longed for summer and good weather when the storm was blowing the roughest.

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